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Sales of cars in China have grown in June of all on 19 %

Sales of cars in China following the results of June 2010. Have grown all on 19,4 % in annual calculation, having made 1,04 million cars. Such data was presented today by the Chinese association of motor-car manufacturers (CAAM).
Thus, the Chinese car market has once again slowed down the rates of increase - they became the lowest for last 14 months, transfers Reuters.
In comparison with May of current year, sale of cars in the Chinese market in June remained at former level.
to grow high rates to a car market of the Peoples Republic of China the high comparative base disturbs - after all last year at this time the Chinese market grew by leaps and bounds. But despite delay of rates of increase, sales five months keep above a mark of 1 million cars in a month on end. According to experts, it is available strong demand for new cars among the population.
Proceeding from the presented figures, it is possible to say that the market keeps more than well - the analyst from IHS Global Insight Lin Huajbin considers. As he said, growth of sales will even more be slowed down in the summer - against seasonal reduction in demand. However new activization of buyers in the autumn is possible, it predicts.
itself CAAM predicts that growth of sales of cars in China in 2010. Will make 15 - 20 % that coincides with opinions of experts. It is expected that demand for cars will grow at the expense of small Chinese cities where cars cease to be luxury goods against growth of well-being of the population.
in the report of the Chinese centre of automobile technologies published earlier in this month and researches (CATRC) it was noticed that the Chinese car market continues to get support from above in the form of demand state subsidising.
So, last month the Chinese government has prolonged for 6 months - till the end of current year - the program of recycling of second-hand cars. Within the limits of this program automobile owners who agree to refuse the old cars, can apply for a discount at a rate of 3 - 6 thousand yuans (350 - 700 dollars) at purchase of the new car.