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China is happy that did not become the currency manipulator in the opinion of the USA

China to recognise satisfied by the decision of not its USA the currency manipulator . Making comments on the report of the American Ministry of Finance on the currency policy of the basic trading partners of the country, official Chinese mass-media underline that Washington should be engaged in the decision of own, much more important problems, rather than to search whipping boys abroad.
news agency Sinhua writes today that the American congressmen aggressively pushed Barack Obama`s administration to currency confrontations with Beijing, however the Ministry of Finance after long reflexions nevertheless did not begin to hang to China a label the currency manipulator .
According to news agency, currency dispute reflects that fact that to politicians in the USA it is necessary a whipping boy To distract attention of the public from serious internal problems, for example high unemployment which obstinately keeps at level above 9 % contrary to moderate growth of economy .
Yesternight Moscow time the American Ministry of Finance has published the long-awaited semi-annual report on a currency problematics which originally should leave in the middle of April. Department has come to conclusion that any of the states - the basic trading partners of the USA cannot be recognised by the currency manipulator though the national currency of China on - former remains underestimated .
In turn the head of Ministry of Finance Timoti Gajtner has declared that in Washington will watch closely the further movements of the Chinese yuan. actually matters, how much and as quickly will be revalvirovatsja yuan - it is told in T.Gajtnera`s written statement.
the American legislation, namely the Certificate on international trade and a competition of the USA from 1988. (Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act), demands from the Ministry of Finance of granting of regular reports on, whether the countries - trading partners of the USA exchange rates of the currencies on purpose " manipulate; distortions of the effective balance of payments or reception of unfair competitive advantage in international trade .
In June of current year, one week prior to summit G8 and G20 in Canada, China declared the decision to renew reforming of the currency mode. The national bank of China has declared that will make an exchange rate of national currency more flexible though has excluded sharp fluctuations of yuan under the influence of market forces. In Washington the given statement of Beijing have apprehended with hope of gradual revaluation of yuan. Since June, 19th when it has been declared renewal of currency reforming, the yuan has become stronger to dollar less than on 1 %.