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Creation of Post bank in the Russian Federation has appeared under the threat of failure

On a way of creation of Post bank to the Russian Federation there were many obstacles which threaten project realisation. As the Minister of Communications and mass communications Igor Schegolev has informed journalists in Tver, one of the basic unresolved questions still have status FGUP Mail of Russia which Communication - bank participates in creation of Federal post bank on base.
According to the Russian legislation, FGUP cannot bring actives or means in an authorised capital stock of the new organisation, for this purpose it is necessary aktsionirovat mail. there there are more than questions, than answers. The theme remains on the agenda, but to tell tomorrow as it will occur, I cannot - head Minkomsvjazi has noted.
In the middle of May 2010. The general director Mails of Russia Alexander Kiselyov declared that now there is a legislative restriction on aktsionirovanie the enterprises. We suggest to change the law on a mail service, including regarding interdiction removal on aktsionirovanie Mails of Russia - A.Kiselyov has underlined. Thus he considers that at the prompt acceptance of the given legislative change already in 2010. There can be a concept of the possible beginning aktsionirovanija Mails of Russia .
Thus if mail is aktsionirovana, it will lose grants from the federal budget on a covering of expenses from unprofitable kinds of activity (for example, a subscription, delivery of pensions). According to I.Schegolev in this connection the administration has doubts in necessity of transfer FGUPa in Open Society. and at present budgetary position a question of financing of joint-stock company today - tomorrow not to solve - the minister has noted.
the unresolved question with aktsionirovaniem mails stops also possible banks - partners from participation in this project. According to head Minkomsvjazi, from four applicants remains two - banks the Russian standard and Houm the Credit . JUniKredit bank and NOMOS - bank have refused to continue struggle for a bank rank - the partner. Models in turn offered by banks do not suit also mail. the models drawn by remained participants, do not show, how dropping out incomes of mail will be compensated. That is they take away financial services and as they will be compensated mail, is not shown - I.Schegolev has explained. As he said, from some banks offers on the grant from the budget of these services to mail arrived that the ministry considers unfair.
according to the head of department, there is one more obstacle - at Mails of Russia there are judicial lawsuits concerning possession of the areas occupied with the enterprise. This question also stirs aktsionirovaniju mails.
Concerning terms of creation of Post bank the minister has noticed that they already are not present and earlier sounded terms were put without existing problems. terms already are not present. People recognised that all is solved. And when have looked at those questions on which there is no answer, have understood - it has explained. I.Schegolev also has not excluded that the idea of creation of Post bank can be and is at all rejected, if applicants (possible banks - partners) are not ready to it, and Mail of Russia will disagree with the offered models.
the supervisory board of Foreign trade and investment bank has made the decision on creation of Post bank in December 2009. It is supposed that the Federal post bank will be created on the basis of belonging vebu Communication - bank with participation FGUP Mail of Russia . The corporate part Communication - bank will be kept. Within five years all branches Mails of Russia should be captured bank services. Including it is a question of possibility of opening of deposits, bank remittances for the population and crediting of small and average business in small settlements.
the state the Maximum sum of investments of creation of Post bank can direct on creation of Federal post bank at a starting stage not less than 30 mlrd rbl. is estimated at level 300 mlrd rbl.
veb declared the beginning of demands acceptance for participation in creation of Post bank in the middle of February. One of requirements to bank - to the partner was readiness for financial participation in the capital of Post bank (including the repayment of additional issues of actions and maintenance of the share of participation in the capital) at a rate of not less than 25 %, but no more than 50 %. In total state corporation had been received 7 statements, including from 2 banks with participation of the foreign capital.