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Inflation in China has reached the minimum indicator for 2,5 years

In China in June 2012. Inflation has made 2,2 %, is told in the report of National bureau of statistics of the Peoples Republic of China, transfers Reuters. This indicator became the lowest for last 2,5 years.
the price index of manufacturers (Producer Price Index) has decreased on 2,1 % in comparison with the similar period of last year. Decrease in index PPI occurs four months on end and testifies to reduction of demand for the industrial goods.
the economic situation in China stable, but threatens us economy delay. We should increase scale and raise quality of a state policy. China should keep the active fiscal policy completion of tax privileges " becomes which primary goal; - the prime minister - the minister of the Peoples Republic of China has noted Ven Dzhabao.
the Head of the government has underlined: The authorities should conduct the reserved monetary policy to resolve the contradiction between supply and demand on credits and liquidity.
we will notice that the economy of Heavenly Empire is gradually slowed down. In I quarter 2012. Growth of a total internal product has made 8,1 % in comparison with the similar period of last year. Analysts expect that in II quarter 2012. Growth of gross national product of China will make 7,6 %.