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The Russian auctions open on a negative background

the External background to start the auctions in the Russian market on Monday, on July, 7th, is negative. In the USA on Friday the auctions have ended with decrease, and oil has essentially fallen in price.
on Monday futures for the American indexes continue to lose flesh. On platforms in Asia sellers prevail. On this background the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index will go to test for durability a mark of 1400 points.
the Share auctions in the USA on Friday, on July, 6th, have ended with decrease: index Dow Jones has given on 124,2 points (- 0,96 %) having reached 12772,47 points, index S &P - on 12,9 points (- 0,94 %) - to 1354,68 points, NASDAQ - on 38,78 points (- 1,3 %) - to 2937,33 points.
the auctions on the Asian share platforms passed on July, 9th negatively. By 08:00 Moscow time index Straits Times has given on 1,1 %, Nikkei 225 - on 0,84 %, Hang Seng - on 1,54 %, Shanghai Composite - on 1,12 %, All Ordinaries - on 0,86 %.
the Goods
Cost of precious metals has considerably decreased. The main newsmaker in the market became ETSB. However usually at decrease in the key rate cost of precious metals grows. After session ETSB there was a return reaction of the market. Decrease in depositary rate ETSB to zero became unexpectedness. Many considered that ETSB nevertheless will leave let symbolical, but the positive rate under deposits which hold at it commercial banks. Therefore the euro also has reacted to the announcement of new rates falling and as growth of cost of the American dollar became a consequence. Result - the again sharply fallen in price precious metals.
by 08:00 Moscow time on Monday futures for gold were on a mark 1580,45 dollars/ ounce (+0, 1 %), silver - 27,15 dollars/ ounce (+0,86 %), platinum - 1445,4 dollars/ ounce (- 0,28 %), a palladium - 579,65 dollars/ ounce (- 0,12 %).
the Prices for oil since last week have grown almost on 10 dollars/ barr. - The aggressive position of Iran in reply to coming into force of sanctions of the USA and embargo on deliveries of the Iranian oil in EU has affected. These sanctions will have rather limited influence on volume of deliveries of the Iranian oil on the world market. The oil offer in the world remains superfluous owing to what the prices on - former are inclined to decrease. The data on oil recovery by the OPEC countries for June will be published current week. If they also show decrease to level of May, absolutely small - the analyst " believes; VTB the Capital Kolin Smith.
by 08:00 Moscow time on Monday oil of mark Brent was on a mark 98,79 (+0,6) dollars/ barr., the August contract on Light Sweet bargained at level 84,84 (+0,39) dollars/ barr.
After depressing first week of July of euro tries to find a support - by 08:00 Moscow time Monday its course has made 1,229 US dollars. Players have ceased to sell the European currency, expecting clearings from session of Eurogroup which will take place on July, 9th.
in mass-media there was an information that Germany and France are going to look after this structure. During week-end in German mass-media there were messages that German chancellor Angela Merkel and the president of France Francois Olland have agreed about ex - German rotation of presidency in Eurogroup, transfers Reuters. Now the head of Eurogroup is the prime minister - the minister of Luxembourg Jean - Claude Junker, however term of its powers expires in the end of July of this year. all of us will find the comprehensible decision as soon as term of appointment ZH - K.Junkera will expire. It will be ex - the German decision - F.Olland has told.
the auction for patronage in Eurogroup is clear - this body plays a key role in the permission of current crisis. However in Europe it is observed more and more conflicts, and from former democracy does not remain also a trace. Ex - the German union pulls a blanket on itself while the help is especially necessary to the southern countries more and more. If earlier eurobureaucrats faced crisis by an united front now it is observed more and more conflicts and intrigues. In long-term prospect the bomb under the euro base is already put, and the match with might and main burns.
the share markets
On Friday, on July, 6th, in the Russian stock market the trend has been continued planned in the afternoon before descending: players nonaggressively got rid of long positions after all optimistical expectations have come true. Urged on sales price list reduction on the August contract of oil of mark Brent to two-place level and updating of a three-day minimum. The statistics of the American labour market published on Friday, has been apprehended negatively. The number of the workplaces created in June in private and not agricultural branches of economy has not held on to forecasts. However the rate of unemployment and remained on a mark of 8,2 % is, possibly, will be regarded by the American regulator as stability that will not demand softening monetary - the credit policy after Central Banks of England, Europe and China. The understanding of such prospect has sent index S &P 500 to level of the beginning of the come to an end week, and the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has returned only to level of Tuesday, that is the Russian market even taking into account strong Friday falling kept perfectly and has managed to keep a gain following the results of a week.
following the results of trading session on July, 6th the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has gone down on 1,5 % - to 1414,28 points, RTS index - on 2,24 % and has reached a point 1356,93 points. The volume of the auctions at a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange stock exchange - RTS following the results of day has made 378,47 mlrd rbl.
the Forecast
Despite sales of last days, the Russian stock market has not bad finished week: the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index for two days of falling has not brought to nothing and two preceding days of growth. Besides, the volume of the auctions on Friday sale has gone down - instructions on absence of desire aggressively to sell. Rally observed in the end of June - the beginning of July had under itself no ideological underlying reason and has occurred on compulsory closing of short positions. Now bears restore the positions, result - prosedanie quotations on all world platforms. Probably, in the beginning of forthcoming week the Russian market will make one more small calling downwards then the season of the corporate reporting in the USA will start to play a main role.
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