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O.Deripaska drive from Africa

the Supreme court of Nigeria cancelled the transaction on sale UC Rusal of 77,5 % of actions of aluminium factory Alscon, the newspaper " informs; daily . In a judgement it is underlined that 77,5 % of actions Alscon in 2007. It has been sold UC Rusal for 250 million dollars whereas cost of this active was estimated in 3,2 mlrd dollars UC Rusal accuse that she has paid for Alscon only 130 million dollars Among claims and that the Nigerian factory works far not at the full capacity. At capacity of 193 thousand t aluminium in a year last year the enterprise has let out all 15 thousand t metal (0,36 % of all aluminium made UC Rusal), and in 2010. - 18 thousand t.
the Cost price of manufacture of aluminium at factory Alscon above market prices that does the enterprise unprofitable. Also from - for constant faults with deliveries of gas the factory cannot leave on the declared designed capacity - earlier declared in the Russian company.
In most RUSALe deny messages on cancellation of purchase ALSCON: On available at RUSALa information, the Friday decision of the Supreme court of Nigeria does not change and cannot change the proprietor of share holding ALSCON whom company RUSAL was and is. The given judicial dispute concerns claims BFI Group to the government of Nigeria that means that all negative consequences of the given decision are born by the government, they cannot influence property right RUSALa " at all;.
UC Rusal has got 77,5 % of actions Alscon in February 2007., and a year later has redeemed at German Ferrostaal AG 7,5 more % of actions of the Nigerian company, having finished the share to 85 %. The others of 15 % of enterprise actions belong to the government of Nigeria. In December of last year the local senate has voted for cancellation of some transactions on privatisation of state companies, including sale of actions Alscon UC Rusal and repeated exhibiting of factory to sale.
Having left with Rusal, Nigeria expects to find for Alscon new, more generous investor. In a judgement it is specified in possibility of sale of factory of company Bancorp Financial Investment Group, which else to the transaction with UC Rusal applied for this active. However experts sceptically estimate these prospects in connection with adverse market conditions and the overestimated appetites of the authorities of Nigeria. Moreover, actions of the Nigerian authorities can scare away this active of potential investors, Oleg Petropavlovsky from FG BKS marks.
Alscon - not a unique active which O.Deripaska`s company can lose. Several months ago the Ukrainian court has decided to return in state property of 68 % of actions of the Zaporozhye aluminium industrial complex which belong UC Rusal. The Russian company has submitted on this decision the appeal to the Higher economic court of Ukraine.