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The president of the Russian Federation has urged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote business advancement abroad

to Zagranuchrezhdenija should help more actively to the Russian business with work in foreign markets and in realisation of perspective economic initiatives, president Vladimir Putin at meeting of ambassadors and constant representatives of the Russian Federation in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia has informed. Also it is necessary for such establishments to answer adequately all cases of discrimination of the Russian goods, services, investments and not to suppose an unfair competition, V.Putin has added.
meanwhile business should hold the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its structural divisions, including abroad, in a course of the situation. in foreign markets the Russian business faces unreasonable restrictions. It is especially appreciable in conditions when the world economy is captured by metastasises of crisis and norm there is a protectionism - the president considers. Century Putin also has noticed that more recently communicated on this theme with the colleagues on to the Big twenty (G20). It is told much, but, unfortunately, while effective tools in struggle against protectionism are not present. It is necessary to operate pozhivee - V.Putin has told.
Concerning a foreign policy question, the president has noticed that Russia will continue to defend firmly principles of the charter the United Nations Organization (United Nations). We want, that in the cases demanding power intervention, the UN Security Council was competent to accept decisions only. To supplement such decisions with any unilateral sanctions kontrproduktivno - V.Putin has told.
meanwhile he recognised that while Russia loses to many foreign partners which are able more competently and persistently to lobby the interests. However some motions in this direction nevertheless are, the president has added.