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Armavia has refused to buy the second Sukhoi SuperJet 100

the National air carrier of Armenia Armavia refuses purchase of second plane Sukhoi SuperJet 100 (SSJ - 100), have informed in a press - to airline service, without specifying the reasons of such decision.
meanwhile the source familiar with a situation, has told to journalists that the airline has refused purchase from - for financial difficulties. at Armavia even the first SSJ - 100 is in pledge. It testifies that the airline is in financial difficulties and could not carry out leasing payments - he has told.
in turn, the head of Incorporated aviabuilding corporation Michael Pogosjan in Farnboro has informed that yours faithfully concerns opinion of customers, but recognised that all have vital plans and circumstances . We work with Armavia Concerning our further cooperation - he has added.
earlier the president of Joint-Stock Company Civil planes Dry (enters into Incorporated aviabuilding corporation, OAK) Vladimir Prisjazhnjuk said that GSS expects to conclude the firm contract on delivery Armavia six SSJ - 100. Today head OAK Michael Pogosjan has sounded plans on the conclusion of contracts on delivery about 40 planes SSJ - 100 with the companies from Jugo - East Asia.
it is necessary to notice that airline Armavia was the first, to whom on April, 19th 2011. The newest has been put serial Russian SSJ - 100. After occurred by spring of this year in Indonesia air crashes with SSJ - 100 in mass-media the question on the further destiny of the international contracts to order the liner has started to be exaggerated.
SSJ - 100 was wrecked on May, 9th of this year in Indonesia during demonstration flight. The place of its falling was revealed on May, 10th near to the Indonesian capital of Djakarta in remote district on a slope of mountain of Sprats. In an air crash 45 persons who were onboard a vessel, including 8 citizens of the Russian Federation, 35 Indonesians, and also the citizen of France and the citizen of the USA were lost. According to preliminary data, sounded earlier OAK and Minpromtorgom of the Russian Federation, the plane was serviceable. Adjusted totals of investigation of an air crash are not published yet.
at the same time on June, 26th 2012. The national committee on safety on transport (NKBT) has published Indonesia Urgent recommendations on safety of flights on the basis of preliminary results of investigation of wreck SSJ - 100. NKBT recommended to management of civil aircraft of Indonesia to provide observance of is minimum safe heights at carrying out of demonstration flights, and the companies Civil planes Dry - To reconsider operating procedures of preparation and carrying out of demonstration flights, and also to organise additional preparation of pilots for such flights, especially in mountain district.
now, besides Armavia (maintains one plane), seven planes Sukhoi SuperJet 100 are used Open Society Aeroflot - the Russian airlines . Besides, the contract on delivery of planes SSJ - 100 the Indonesian airlines, in particular Sky Aviation (have 12 planes) and Kartika Airlines (30 planes). Earlier representatives Aeroflot declared that do not intend to refuse operation SSJ - 100.
Sukhoi SuperJet 100 - the regional plane of new generation developed and made by the company of Joint-Stock Company Civil planes Dry with the assistance of Alenia Aeronautica. The family of plane Sukhoi SuperJet 100 is calculated on range of flight to 4 thousand of 400 km. It consists of two planes passengers capacity 75 (updating RRJ - 75) and 95 armchairs (RRJ - 95B). It is supposed that SSJ - 100 will replace become outdated They be 134, the Yak - 42 and other regional planes.