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FAS has stopped business against OZK and Three Dialogue

Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) the Russian Federation has stopped the business raised one month ago concerning the Incorporated grain company (OZK) and Three Dialogue in connection with results of procedure of selection of strategic partner OZK and carrying out in its advantage dopemissii. Department has established that in actions of the companies there are no signs of infringement of item 11 and 17 federal laws About competition protection . About it it is told in message FAS.
the Occasion to excitation of business of a steel of the statement of agroholding Kuban (is a part the Base element Oleg Deripaska) that competition procedure was opaque, demanding revision of results of competition. However after thorough examination of business of any proofs of restriction of a competition it has not been found, and the claims, stated representatives the Base element Have been recognised by groundless.
business excitation is normal practice for Federal antimonopoly service. FAS tried to understand, whether agroholding arguments " are fair; Kuban that procedure was so closed that has prevented Kuban to take part in competition and to win it - has informed a source en face. we have listened to arguments of all parties, have attentively and easy understood a situation. a three Dialogue in details informed and invited to participate in dopemissii not less than 20 companies which corresponded to qualifying requirements. In our understanding, all has been organised at level of the best international standards - the interlocutor of agency has underlined.
agroholding Kuban was one of six applicants for a share in OZK, however it has not reached the ending of competition. As the main reason experts of the market named absence at agroholding kompetentsy in the field of an infrastructure of the grain market, in particular the transfers which presence was one of the main criteria at selection of partner OZK. Kuban owns several dairy farms, svinokompleksom, kombikormovym factory and three grain elevatorami.
As earlier marked a source in the Ministry of Agriculture, the accurate problem has been from the very beginning put that the strategic investor for OZK should steal up by an industrial principle and if it is a question of development priportovoj infrastructures neither manufacturers of a beet, nor manufacturers of pork or konezavodchiki as the investor did not suit the state . Besides, according to messages Reuters, Kuban participated in competition in interests of international trader Glencore, with which at the company the Base element the corresponding agreement is entered into.
the management " is primary; Three discussed participation in competition more than with 20 potential participants approaching as the strategic partner for OZK. However by the end of officially declared term of giving of documents has received only six demands - from group the Sum Zijavudina Magomedov, holding RusAgro Vadim Moshkovicha, the French trader Louis Dreyfus, the little-known companies bio - Tone and neftegazindustrija and also agroholding Kuban affilirovannogo with Oleg Deripaska.
we will remind that all decisions on release dopemissii and company privatisations by the present moment are already accepted, and in the end of June I.Shuvalov signs the instruction confirming the decision of board of directors about carrying out of share issue OZK in favour of group the Sum .
The company welcomes decision FAS which once again confirms the fact of that additional issue of actions of Open Society OZK passes in full conformity with the Russian legislation - have commented on the decision of antimonopoly service in the Incorporated grain company.
Open Society the Incorporated grain company - the Russian state agroindustrial company created according to the decree of the president of the Russian Federation from March, 20th 2009. With a view of development of an infrastructure of the grain market, realisation of an export potential of the Russian grain in the world market, active carrying out trading - purchasing activity in the internal grain market. As the contribution to authorised capital stock OZK the government of the Russian Federation had been transferred share holdings of 30 enterprises which are in 18 subjects of the Russian Federation.
group the Sum - diversifitsirovannyj the holding uniting actives in port logistics, engineering, building, telecommunication and oil and gas sectors. In the companies of group which are present at almost 40 regions of Russia and abroad, are occupied more than 10 thousand persons. The founder and the shareholder of the company - Z.Magomedov.