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The Ministry of Internal Affairs: Routing Gazelles are dangerous to passengers

Minibuses the Gazelle which make 9 % of the Russian park of buses, do not correspond to the minimum norms of passive safety and their use as fixed-route taxis creates threat of safety not only passengers, but also other participants of traffic.
about it it is told in the materials prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Transport of Russia to the All-Russia selector meeting, the devoted security status of traffic in the first half of the year 2002. And to urgent measures on reduction of breakdown susceptibility of motor transport.
in materials also it is underlined that level of safety of domestic buses the GROOVE twice below similar indicators of other marks, and about two thirds of road accidents made at their participation it is connected with refusal of brake system of buses.
Besides, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation underline that critical level of a deterioration of vehicles, backlog of domestic car industry from foreign on a technological level and safety, mass purchase on import of out-of-date buses and cars are one of principal causes of growth of breakdown susceptibility.
today more than 70 % of cars used in Russia have settled the motor potential, in a country bus fleet - almost 30 % of the foreign cars which basic share has term of operation over 10 years.