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RSPP has supported change of the law on wildlife management

the Bill About a payment for negative influence on environment demands cardinal changes. It was declared today to journalists by a member of bureau and the head of working group on ecology of the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen (RSPP), president NTM - holding Nikolay Tonkov.
working group RSPP on ecology has prepared the corresponding resolution which, according to the commission of premieres - the minister M.Kasyanov, will be directed to the profile ministries and departments.
according to participants of working group, of the preparing law the overall objective of the nature protection legislation - environment preservation disappears. The law, as a matter of fact, has fiscal character and urged to raise as much as possible gathering, being the ecological tax . As a result payment of the given tax will deprive many enterprises of means for modernisation existing and development of new treatment facilities. Besides it, the offered bill does not contain the accurate mechanism of an expenditure of the means collected from payers that is why does not allow to conduct target financing of programs of protection of environment.
according to N.Tonkov, decrease in negative influence on environment from payers and investment in development of nature protection technologies should become a main objective of the given law. The head of working group is afraid that, as he said, the government of the Russian Federation, in connection with necessity of the prompt acceptance of the Federal ecological law, will approve and will direct to the State Duma idle and in many respects the incorrect bill.
Besides, in connection with necessity of public discussion of the preparing ecological law, working group RSPP on ecology has made decision to support and take part in work Independent northern nature protection initiative (nespi).