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Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine: the fuel and energy crisis in the country will not be

Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine has denied hearings about a possible energy crisis in the country. The ministry responsibly asserts that toplivno - the power complex of the country works reliably and stably also will provide throughout a cold season of requirement of national economy and the population in toplivno - power resources in full.
therefore any statements concerning an energy crisis which ostensibly waits Ukraine, are groundless the head of the ministry Ivan Plachkov has declared. In warehouses TES it is saved up over 3 million t coal that almost twice more than last year. Atomic power stations are completely provided by nuclear fuel. It guarantees manufacture electric and thermal energy for all time osenne - a winter maximum of loading, I.Plachkov has told.
he has noticed that The balance of receipt and distribution of natural gas which is based on volumes of gas of own extraction is developed, gas of the Central Asian origin and gas which Ukraine receives on account of fee on transit agrees to the concluded contracts . Gas receipts in the country and zakachivanie in underground storehouses pass it under the schedule in the planned volumes that guarantees maintenance of demand of consumers and reliable functioning of gas-transport system.
together with the oil companies the monthly look-ahead balance of oil refining and manufacture of light oil products at the oil refining enterprises is developed. Instability of prices oil products will answer world tendencies - the head of Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine has told.
we will remind that the similar statement today did in Naftogaze Ukraine . Press - the service of this company has extended the statement that no crisis in the country will exist - receipt and own extraction of natural gas in full will provide demand of economy and the population of Ukraine.
According to plans, in 2005 in underground gas storehouses of Ukraine will be zakachano from above 15 mlrd cubic metre of natural gas, from which resources NAK Naftogaz Ukraine will make 13,6 mlrd cubic metre.
agreements on increase in deliveries of natural gas in from Turkmenia Besides, are entered into half-year 2005. Available resources will be enough for full maintenance of consumers on an extent osenne - the winter period 2005 - 2006 - it is marked in the company statement. Also for 2006 contracts provide receipt 39 mlrd cubic metre of the Central Asian gas which volumes exceed indicators of 2005.
Ukraine will receive also the Russian gas as fee on transit. Now negotiations concerning signing of necessary documents are carried on. thus, no preconditions for statements about ostensibly inevitable threat of an energy crisis in Ukraine are present - it is underlined in the statement.