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The dollar exchange rate to rouble has decreased for 9 copecks

After an hour and a half after the beginning of a today`s special session on the American currency calculations tomorrow an average rate has made 25,57 rbl./ dollars Thus, the official rate of currency of the USA for September, 11th can decrease for 9 copeck, or on 0,35 %.
the Reason of rather appreciable loss of positions of currency of the USA to rouble on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange is very essential strengthening of the European currency to dollar at the international stock exchanges.
now 1,3790 dollars whereas by the end of first half of day on September, 7th for 1 euro gave about 1,3670 dollars In comparison with previous trading days currency of the USA pay for 1 euro in the world market of an order has weakened in relation to European approximately on 0,9 %.
we Will notice that considerable reduction in price of dollar on today`s ETS has occurred at small sale of the American currency. So, at 11:30 Moscow time commercial banks realised only 254 million dollars
As to a course of uniform European currency it continues to grow. Following the results of a special session the average rate has made 35,24 rbl./ euro. The given indicator exceeds an official rate of the European currency established by Bank of Russia for September, 10th for 16 copeck. Thus, on ETS the fourth successively strengthening of the European currency in relation to the Russian is noted. Thus the maximum transactions on size on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange consisted and on 35,35 rbl./ euro.