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The majority of Russians the Chinese goods unhealthy

consider One of these days the All-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) has interviewed, in which course the relation of Russians to the goods of the Chinese manufacture was found out. According to results of poll, 80 % of respondents consider that the goods from China, as a rule, low quality - are short-lived and quickly break. 68 % have answered that the Chinese production usually does not meet the requirements of safety. 60 % interrogated are assured that many goods from Heavenly Empire are made of unhealthy materials.
at the same time the goods of the Chinese manufacture get about 60 % of Russians: from 44 % interrogated in Southern federal district to 87 % - in Far East. Thus 79 % of buyers of the goods of the Chinese manufacture are involved with their low cost.
according to VTSIOM, many our fellow citizens realise that the Chinese export is not limited to dangerous consumer goods: 74 % interrogated are informed that the Russian companies, including state, use as labour of migrants from China. Thus 58 % of respondents tend to opinion that use of work of Chineses conducts to growth of a rate of unemployment among local population, and also to deterioration kriminogennoj conditions (so 50 % interrogated think). The reason of flow of labour from Heavenly Empire is obvious: it is its low price.
it is remarkable that questionnaire VTSIOM did not contain a question concerning methods of a solution of a problem which excites any more only Russians, but also Chineses. So, zamglavy State administrations of the Peoples Republic of China on control over quality of Pu Chanchen last year has declared that “ more the fifth part of all goods made in China does not correspond to the quality standards “.
“ Such production poses threat to health, and sometimes and lives of consumers “ - it ascertained. According to the official, only 78 % of names of the goods from 9 thousand which have been checked up by experts of the State administration for the first half of the year, have been recognised by corresponding to state standards. As originators of a current situation of Pu Chanchen considers, first of all, the small enterprises making production without any permissions to those and licences.
the small Chinese companies, basically, are engaged in manufacture of foodstuff and the goods of daily demand. For this reason worst of all affairs are today with products delivered from China, for example, tinned fruit, the dried fish, the stuffed inadmissible additives, the fruit drinks which fifth part does not take place check on quality. The USA and some countries of Europe have already refused for this reason purchase of many goods of the Chinese manufacture, including children`s toys. In the spring of this year in the USA hundreds cats and dogs became victims of a poor-quality Chinese forage.
Analyses have shown that the maintenance in a forage of dangerous components, in particular melamina was the reason of mass  destruction of pets. Instead of so a long time in the Chinese tooth-paste delivered in the USA, poisonous substances have been found out.
meanwhile goods turnover of China with Russia grows from year to year. Together with goods turnover rates of the Chinese manufacture grow also, the export structure changes. From consumer goods Chineses gradually pass to delivery of hi-tech production. By the way, 63 % of the respondent interrogated VTSIOM, consider that Russia for China is, first of all, a capacious commodity market of own production. It, according to experts VTSIOM, specifies in a disturbing tendency: if the Chinese economic expansion also develops further such fast rates, Russians remain without alternative, and on regiments of shops there will be nothing, except bad quality, and at times and the hazardous to health goods from China.