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Minregion will accelerate delivery of habitation to invalids and veterans

socially not protected categories of citizens should be in turn on reception of habitation no more than three years. Such statement the minister of regional development of the Russian Federation Vladimir Jakovlev in a course has made a press - the conference organised.
for today security habitation on the average on the country makes 21,1 sq. m on the person, the European standard in 2 times is more. As has noted V.Jakovlev, in Minregione strategy of development of mass building of habitation is developed. This document specifies all previous, in particular the federal target program (FTSP) Dwelling .
all subjects of the Russian Federation took part In work on the document. we spent some such meetings, and last meeting at us was in the middle of August. We have received only from subjects more than 400 various recommendations and offers, we have received all more than 700 offers. We approved this document in Trading - industrial chamber, we discussed it with building, architectural, scientific associations, considered on scientifically - technical council. It is really big document, he specifies the previous documents - V.Jakovlev in a course a press - conferences has told.
at realisation of strategy security should make not less than 36 sq. m on the person - the minister has told. According to V.Jakovleva, a main point - factor of availability of habitation (when the person can get habitation at the expense of own means). We have put the maximum availability 3 years, for today it makes 4,7 years. It is the big progress - V.Jakovlev has told. Thus, as the minister has noted, the citizen can or issue habitation in hiring (social or commercial), or to get by means of the state in respect of granting of various grants that is provided FTSP Dwelling .
I want to pay attention to imbalance of supply and demand, therefore the prices for habitation grow (in 2006. More than on 50 %), and growth proceeds, but lower rates - the minister has told. As a whole on the country for the second half of the year there was an increase about 17 %.
As to habitation acquisition that volume of habitation which is under construction today, 2 % of citizens can really get. But thus an order of 20 % if they have wanted and there would be a habitation, could get habitation at the expense of the or extra means, at the same time three years ago 9 % could make it. There is a growth, but he while allows a small amount of citizens to get habitation, thus for the basic group of the population it is habitation is inaccessible - has added V.Jakovlev.
we Will notice that one of the basic ways of acquisition by Russians of habitation still have a mortgage and this with the fact that 20 % of inhabited real estate (disorder on regions the enormous are on credit bought only: if in Barnaul - 80 % in other cities is not present and 5).
At the same time almost 70 % of citizens of Russia, according to Fund polls Public opinion exclude for itself even theoretical possibility to use a mortgage loan. Though alternatives to habitation on credit in Russia meanwhile is not present - the idea of building savings banks sounded recently by president Vladimir Putin (the bill is approved by the government and it is brought in the State Duma), has received a sceptical estimation of expert community: no accumulation in Russia is impossible at the existing prices for habitation.