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Financial actives of the Russian Federation become more attractively real estate

Growth of internal investments in the share market can amplify and finally will block outflow of foreign investments from the financial market, Alexey Bespalov believes operating actives UK of Bank of Moscow.
for example, by the current moment growth of cost of the Russian financial actives has considerably lagged behind growth of alternative kinds of investments. In particular, in relation to cost of real estate of the price for actions are on the lowest with 2002. Level. It allows to assume growth of an overflow of the capital from the alternative markets in financial actives which can potentially appear more profitable on investment horizon from two till three years, the expert considers.
according to A.Bespalov, after revision downwards target levels investment houses the bottom border of fluctuations of the Russian share market has naturally moved more low on the average on 20 - 25 %, therefore the index of RTS and has fallen below 1500 points.
the Further decrease in the market, according to the expert, can occur only under the influence of fundamental changes, such as strong falling of the prices for oil or important political news. Factors which become defining for the further movement of the market, include results of session of the OPEC, the statement of the decision on an investment of means of Fund of national well-being in the Russian stock market, the macroeconomic statistics from the USA, connected with inflation.
occurrences of a short-term surprise from indicators of inflation CPI and PPI in the USA it is not expected, as already occurred correction of the prices for raw materials will not have time to be reflected in the nearest data on industrial and consumer inflation from - that the data pays off as of the middle of August. However, in a case if decrease in the import prices counted on the beginning of September, will appear essentially below expectations, it can signal about a partial turn of inflationary tendencies in short-term prospect. According to the expert, possible improvement of inflationary moods in the USA can become an occasion to renewal of growth from already reached minima.
we will remind that the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index as of 13:25 made Moscow time 1107 points, and RTS - 1330 points. According to experts, the potential of growth of actions of some the Russian companies, in comparison with the similar companies in emerging markets, exceeds 100 %.