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Data S &P has made positive impact on the market

the Information on acknowledgement of sovereign ratings of Russia at former level and preservation positive the forecast the international rating agency Standard and Poor`s for some time has well affected position on the Russian share platforms.
after considerable morning falling indexes of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange and RTS under the influence of data S &P have slightly risen in comparison with the beginning of the auctions. By 13:50 Moscow time. Value of an index of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has appeared on a mark 1116,06 points that on 3,63 % below level of closing of the auctions the day before (in the morning this index has fallen more than to 7 %). RTS index has shown decrease on 3,38 % - to 1347,39 points.
however, by 14:35 Moscow time. The situation in the market has changed again. The Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index by this time has fallen to 1092 points (- 5,7 %), and RTS index - to 1321 points (- 5,25 %).
Nevertheless in the future experts look with careful optimism. Analyst FK Opening Geldy Sojunov on air - TV has assumed that the Russian share market will find a bottom after the termination of a wave of a panic and the action termination on the general dynamics of stock markets of the technical factors connected with a lack of means on accounts. From the point of view of the expert, it will occur soon enough.
the chief of department of the analysis of the share market of YOKES Kapital Konstantin Guljaev also has assumed that, at least, local a bottom in stock market of the Russian Federation it will be shortly found. To realisation of such scenario he considers as a signal a tendency at which during the day in the markets - the panic and the auctions are closed on day minima, and the next day again opens gepom downwards. To the investors owning the big share a cache the expert recommended to choose the right time smoothly for an input in the market.