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D.Medvedev`s statement has caused growth of quotations of blue counters

On FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange after the statement of the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev increase of quotations of the Russian blue counters is observed.
by this time papers of two of them - GMK Norilsk nickel and Rosneft - left in plus (in comparison with closing levels on September, 9th). Decrease in an index of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange now makes less than 3,5 %. Today during trading session its falling exceeded 7 %.
According to D.Medvedev, a number of the Russian companies and actives is underestimated, there is a growth potential. The head of the state has underlined that from - for growth of the Russian market there are serious fluctuations in estimations, in it is both minuses, and pluses . Finally not drama changes will lead to stabilisation, and at acceptance of correct decisions the situation will be straightened - D.Medvedev is convinced.
the president of the Russian Federation has expressed confidence that the Russian market Will come to those indicators which were in the beginning of this year . Anyway, I consider that it in forces of the government - he has told, having added that the given problem will be discussed on September, 11th 2008. At meeting on creation of the international financial centre.