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The Russian share market to closing has won back almost half of falling

the Auctions in the Russian share market were closed by decrease in the basic indexes. The Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has decreased to a mark 1114,67 points (- 3,75 %). Value of an index of RTS has made 1334,31 points (- 4,36 %).
Thus, to closing the market has won back almost half. We will remind, by noon the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has fallen to 7,12 %, having lowered value of an index to a mark 1075,49 points. RTS has fallen to 5,29 % - to 1321,33 points.
after the statement of the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev that the potential of some the Russian companies is underestimated, increase of quotations was observed. In particular, papers GMK Norilsk nickel and Rosneft left in plus, and decrease in an index of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange made less than 3,5 %.
However after an exit of the negative data of American bank Lehman Brothers the market has renewed decrease.
it is better than the market on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange papers of oil and gas sector looked. So, papers Rosneft following the results of the auctions were closed by increase on 0,97 %. Moderate decrease was shown by Gazprom actions (- 2,34 %), GMK Norilsk nickel (- 2,46 %). Worse the market papers of bank sector negative influence on which have rendered news from - for a boundary looked. Savings Bank actions have decreased on 8,75 %, VTB - on 5,65 %.
Actions of the Russian oil companies look interesting, and possible tax privileges add it of appeal. Such opinion has stated on the air - TV analyst IB the WHALE of Finans Konstantin Tcherepanov. It makes sense to investors to focus the attention to oil sector.
it is not necessary to forget also that current year becomes, most likely, last year with so heavy taxes for the Russian oil sector. First of all investors should be focused on leaders of branch - actions of Gazprom, LUKOIL and Rosneft .
Besides, the Russian oil companies look extremely attractively in comparison with foreign. Be fundamental the action of the Russian oil companies should essentially above current levels. the Russian companies have profits, but these profits are not estimated by investors sufficiently from - for political risks and the general instability - the expert has concluded.