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The dollar exchange rate has fallen below a mark to 31 rouble

the Auctions in the Russian currency market today again have begun sharp growth of a rouble exchange rate. After only 15 minutes after the beginning of trading session the dollar exchange rate has fallen below a mark 31 rbl. - to 30,81 rbl./ dollars It for 32,5 copecks below an official rate for today. As of 11:00 Moscow time the average rate of dollar calculations today made 30,8817 rbl./ dollars
the Rouble exchange rate to dollar shows increase the fifth trading day successively. Prompt falling of currency of the USA in the world markets, and also decrease in fears concerning fast devaluation of the Russian national currency became the reason of strengthening of rouble to dollar and bivaljutnoj to a Central Bank basket.
has strongly enough fallen in price to rouble and uniform European currency. The minimum transactions on euro today are made by calculations today at level 44,9995 rbl./ euro. Thus as of 11:00 Moscow time the euro average rate made 45,0299 rbl./ euro that for 12 copecks below an official rate of Bank of Russia.
today`s succession of events in the Russian currency market, apparently, will be few than to differ from previous days, experts consider. The prices for oil keep above a mark 70 dollars/ barr. Positive influence on a rouble exchange rate can render and a situation in the interbank market. Analysts of Nomos - Bank notice that conditions in the monetary market look a little strained, therefore demand for roubles becomes more.
the Processes occurring in the currency market, we estimate is inconsistent enough. On the one hand, the rouble becomes stronger, reacting to positive moods of the international markets. With another - sales are not characterised by high intensity, and the small turn under transactions defines those or other movements of the market. On - visible, the most part of participants abstains from how many - nibud considerable steps, waiting for the further succession of events - experts have underlined.