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FAS elicits all new facts of abusings in the Russian Railway

the Next infringements of corruption sense in Open Society work the Russian railways the Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) has revealed the Russian Federation. This time in the field of attention of department there was a Main computer centre of the railway company, and also activity of railwaymen in Sochi where at full speed there is a preparation for the Olympic Games 2014.
In particular, investigation has shown that the Russian Railway branch - the Main computer centre - established the prices for rendered services with a difference in 10 times. Business has begun with the complaint of one of business concerns: Open Company the Ticket Service has complained that the Russian Railway branch imposed it unprofitable treaty provisions on technological and maintenance service of the terminal equipment.
During a legal investigation commission FAS has established that the specified branch of the Russian Railway did not have uniform approach to formation of cost of service in maintenance service of the terminal equipment which is intended for sale of travel papers on trains of distant following. Thus the equipment belonged to the organisations which are not entering into group of Open Society the Russian Railway .
For example, Nizhniy Novgorod it is information - the computer centre raised for granting of these services of 7,55 thousand rbl., and Rostov is information - computer centre - only 672,6 rbl. Following the results of investigation the Russian Railway branch has been recognised by guilty of restriction of a competition and has received the instruction to eliminate the revealed infringements.
other serious abusing dominating railway position antimonopolshchiki have revealed in Krasnodar territory where the Russian Railway has entered arrangement with Southern transport company (JUTK). Last has leased a part of the territory close to ways of general using N11 and N12 of a cargo court yard of railway station of Sochi. It has made impossible independent unloading of cargoes - the rights to movement on territory have been transferred the tenant, compelling addressees and senders of cargoes to operate through it.
Exit check FAS has shown that complaints of the companies of Open Company Euro - Concrete - 1 and Open Company SMU - 21 on impossibility of independent unloading of inert materials (concrete, sand, rubble and etc.) Have appeared proved. Also it is noticed that Southern transport company is the competitor of applicants in the market of building materials. In this connection the Russian Railway and JUTK the instruction about elimination of these infringements is given out.
the facts of similar abusings - it is far not a rarity in branched out and not always economically effective structure of the Russian Railway. For example, recent checks have revealed that only on fuel deliveries in pockets poluaffilirovannyh with monopoly of intermediaries annually settles nearby 3 mlrd rbl.