Rus News Journal

The dollar has won back at rouble at once 20 copecks

Trading session in the Russian share market passes today under the badge of rouble easing in relation to dollar and bivaljutnoj to a basket. Already at opening of the quotation of currency of the USA above a mark 28 rbl.
a dollar Official rate to the rouble, established by Bank of Russia for tomorrow again have risen, has grown as a result for 20 copecks and has made 28,08 rbl./ dollars Now the American currency bargains on a mark 28,1 rbl. - for 16 copecks above level of closing of the last trading day.
the uniform European currency, on the contrary, has fallen in price today. At present for one euro in the internal currency market now give 39,8 rbl. - for 13 copecks below level of the auctions in the end of last week.
the basket of Bank of Russia has risen in price for 1 copeck - to 33,37 rbl.
Analysts ING notice that in the end of last week, having inspired by jump of the prices for oil and the positive which has come back on the global markets, the rouble has continued victorious procession. Export sales have amplified, especially against approach of a nominal rate of dollar to a mark 28 rbl. therefore the basket has established a new monthly minimum at level 33,29 rbl. However the data on employment in the USA okazalisneozhidanno weak that has provoked a wave of closing of short positions on a basket, experts speak.
as they said, the market has once again led as a swing within three days twice considerably having reconsidered sights at world economy development. we believe that optimism concerning rouble if isohranitsja, that, even despite coming nearer tax period (the first payments on social payments should pass till July, 15th) against the stable oil prices, will be moderated enough - analysts ING summarised.