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The Runet has opposed Ministry of Transport

If want to draw attention to a problem - address to the Internet. Here to you and ZHZH, and mailings in Facebook and VKontakte and the diversified videoclips spread on YouTube. On a new tendency of a Runet argues today in to the Independent newspaper political scientist Pavel Danilin.
on the Internet own opinion in general can clothe in the video reference to the president, not to mention every possible alterations of films or trailers to them, pereozvuchkah and other. This all becomes with bolshej or smaller degree of gravity, mind and humour, sometimes on a knee, and there is also such mix French with Russian abusive, as it is impossible to look. But in one it to films you will not refuse: the people learn to think and express the opinion, let and not always in the acceptable form. And it nevertheless is better, than when all are silent also a mouth are afraid to open.
Than not a platform for formation of a civil society? As and to supervise a similar stream of consciousness (that pragmatic American researchers have noted about 40 years ago) difficult enough. Though anything impossible is not present.
Not so long ago in the Network there was a roller on a topic of the day: cancellation of several charter flights by Ministry of Transport. A number of inconveniences (a part from them have cancelled absolutely, a part have transferred for the night) was motivirovan that it is necessary to spend repair work. The indignation wave has about it resulted including in creation of this roller. Any national umelets instead of an overseas beach remained with the computer and has mounted from disappointment the two-minute video made in the spirit of the times: the Fuhrer in the bunker tears and throws that cannot depart to Turkey, and Eve there wanted to buy a fur coat, and the permit costs 600 euros, and to live - that to it and so not for long there was
a Roller as a roller, not in it business, P.Danilin writes. But that is really amusing, so it is comments to video. An interesting tendency: they are accurately enough subdivided into two types. The first of them - usual for the Internet steb. The second type of comments sets thinking involuntarily - something facelessly - grey, monotonous, with the general message: boringly - it is uninteresting - nonsense what and with obvious poslevkusiem that usual users write them not. whether meets on Internet open spaces " much; smooth the responses repeated several times? Thus absolutely any without emotions and usual in such situations having pinned up? These comments leave under the accounts created almost in one day, and too rather recently. There are they an amicable wave as if by order of, defending the right of Ministry of Transport to arrive how there will consider necessary - the expert writes.
By the way, the same users in a uniform impulse make comments on other roller where are praised highly Ministry of Transport and its chief Igor Levitin for those good roads which are under construction on budget money. and here arises logical, in general - that, a question: and from what money all these same comments have been paid? Whether from budgetary means? Or, can, there is any more artful scheme? Or officials have received homework: come supposedly home, register and leave four phrases here and two there (it is possible on the contrary). Also receive as a result the quarterly award - P.Danilin reflects.
misters officials! If you receive the similar task approach to it creatively. pozhivee as - nibud that it was possible though to read and there were no inconvenient questions. They actually cause a damage to those whom urged to protect. You so are excited with opinion of the people on activity of Ministry of Transport? Then, perhaps, it is necessary to choose brighter way of influence on minds? To make, for example, normal outcomes on MKAD. Or to cease to repair svezhepolozhennyj asphalt. Probably, of course, that all this casual coincidence.
simply there is on the Internet a group of fans of Ministry of Transport. On tastes do not argue: someone is fan of the Madonna, someone from Levitina. And these people sincerely believe that all there is good, and roads build good, and means spend strictly to destination, and cancel something only when it is really necessary - the author of article marks.