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The MAYOR: Russia should wait for new crisis of years through 7 - 8

the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation (Ministry of economic development and trade, the MAYOR) expects the following world economic crisis which is capable to mention Russia, in 2018 - 2019. Such position was sounded today by the assistant to the head of Ministry of economic development and trade Andrey Klepach during a meeting of premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with economists of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
we when on a knee for itself counted, at us it has turned out that the following crisis wave in world economy which will affect us, is 2018 - 2019. - the deputy minister has told.
at the same time he has noticed that, in opinion the MAYOR, there are also earlier risk zones . One of possible zones of risk - when can essentially worsen an economic situation in the USA, it is 2013 - 2014. - has concluded A.Klepach.
Last two large financial crises occurred in Russia to a difference in 10 years - in 1998. And 2008. However if in the first case the countries of Asia have faced difficulties and some other (including the Russian Federation) present crisis against the developed globalisation has mentioned almost all countries without an exception only. The crisis phenomena have started to be shown in 2007. In the USA when in the largest economy of the world mortgage lending crisis has started to be developed. Soon he has outgrown in crisis financial, and then problems were threw and on other countries.
now serious problems test the eurozone countries where real threat of a default of Greece has hung, and also left on light of a problem of other South European countries - Portugal, Spain, Italy and etc. rather easily crisis has endured only developing countries (for example, China), managed to strengthen the positions against easing of other economy.