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The stock exchange moves sideways and waits for signals from - for a boundary

the Auctions in the Russian share market have begun on July, 11th decrease in leading share indexes. As of 10:10 Moscow time the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has decreased on 0,82 % - to 1410,95 points. RTS index has decreased to a mark 1353,78 points that on 0,67 % below level of closing of the last trading day.
today at opening of the auctions it is possible to expect an exit of the Russian share indexes on negative territory to that will promote yesterday`s acceleration of sales at stock exchanges of the USA and falling of the prices for oil. Environment will not be again in the rich afternoon on interesting macroeconomic events, therefore foreign moods " become the basic reference point for the Russian market; - experts of YOKES " mark; ATON .
Put the Russian market can spend in bokovike . Announcement of reports from last session FRS becomes the main event, but it will take place only after closing of the auctions in the Russian market. Investors throughout all day will be in expectation - analyst GK " supports colleagues; Alor Natalia Lesina.
the Share auctions in the USA were closed on July, 10th by fall of leading indexes. Investors have some occasions to anxiety, including a situation on the American labour market and conditions with the state debt ceiling which increase, according to experts, is necessary, but still is not co-ordinated.
decrease has been provided mainly by fears for a condition of national economy on the threshold of a season quarter otchetnostej which was the day before opened by company Alcoa, having shown weak enough, but expected results. Such firms as Advanced Micro Devices and Applied Materials have lowered forecasts on a number of financial indicators that promoted growth of anxiety of investors. Rating agency Fitch has confirmed yesterday the higher rating of USA AAA with the forecast negative - analysts of YOKES " mark; ATON .
Following the results of trading session on June, 10th of this year index Dow Jones has gone down on 0,65 % - to 12653,12 points, index S &P has fallen on 0,81 % - to 1341,47 points, index Nasdaq has fallen to 1 % - to 2902,33 points.
the share auctions in Europe on July, 10th 2012. Have come to the end with growth of the basic indexes.
the European share indexes have grown up yesterday thanks to the best, than it was expected, to the data on industrial production in Italy and Great Britain, and also to the decision of the European authorities to accelerate allocation of the financial help of Spain. As it became known, the first tranche for rekapitalizatsii the Spanish banks at a rate of 30 billion euro will be allocated till the end of July, and other part of the promised 100 billion euro can be given Spain in the autumn - the analyst Promsvjazbanka Oleg Shagov marks.
share indexes Asian - Pacific region change today raznonapravlenno. Index Nikkei as of 10:00 has fallen Moscow time on 0,37 % in comparison with level of closing of the previous trading session, the Hong Kong index Hang Seng has decreased on 0,23 %, and Chinese Shanghai Composite has grown up on 0,34 %.
Quotations of futures on oil decreased yesterday. The official price of oil WTI at the auctions in New York on July, 10th 2012. Has gone down on 2,08 dollars and has made 83,91 dollars/ barr. The official price of oil Brent following the results of the auctions in London has gone down on 2,35 dollars and has reached 97,97 dollars/ barr.