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From the Russian border suggest to clean superfluous controllers

the Euroasian economic commission (EEK) in 2013. Intend to copy the Customs code (TK). As the newspaper " writes today; daily referring to the minister of customs cooperation EEK of Vladimir Goshina, in the document can bring a number revolutionary ideas.
in particular, the commission suggests to clean superfluous supervising bodies from border, to stake on postcustoms inspections and to reduce time of stay of the truck for a post till 15 minutes.
first of all EEK plans to expand use of the tool of preliminary informing by means of system of the analysis of risks. This mechanism has been entered one month ago for motor transport, but without a binding to a control system of risks became additional administrative loading on participants of foreign trade activities (foreign trade activities), especially carriers, director NP " notices; Guild PROVED Ruslan Kiss. According to the data of monitoring of the organisation, after introduction of system of turn on border with Finland have grown, he notices.
besides the Russian control system of risks is far from the western analogues. Director NP Guild of professional participants of foreign trade activities the Novel of Goats responds about it as about to the tablet of indicators of levels of cost of the goods which has not something in common with the best western samples, zameshennymi on power of artificial intelligence, the analysis of set of databases and deep operative awareness on illegal actions .
However if to adjust system, acceleration it will be possible to feel in practice, R.Kiss is assured: time of passage of customs will be reduced to five - seven minutes which to the driver will suffice, that to enter a code of preliminary informing or to spend the scanner on a bar code .
the Following point - introduction of a principle of two services (customs and a frontier service) on border which will transfer the functions other supervising bodies. This principle is formally realised on automobile check points, notices R.Kiss, but actually there also there are representatives of Federal agency on arrangement of frontier of the Russian Federation (Rosgranitsa) and the Russian transport inspection (RTI). On sea, railway and aviatransitions representatives of all departments till now sit, especially it is a lot of problems on sea check points - tells R.Kiss.
In EEK also suggest to enter zajavitelnyj a work principle when the company receives at once the goods in the order, and 30 days on giving of declarations and payment of payments are given to it. This principle now is to the full realised by customs of Kazakhstan, in Federal customs service (FTS) all customs administration is constructed on an allowing order even if the goods do not get under interdictions and restrictions, notices R.Kiss. Such approach, in my opinion, is not equitable to interests of the state on preservation of national safety, protection of life and health of citizens - it is critical the expert on legal questions NP Guild of professional participants of foreign trade activities Anastas Chursina.
Working out of the new Customs code will demand law change On customs regulation marks V.Goshin - references to the national legislation should be reduced a minimum to two thirds. The situation of the multistage legislation disturbs Federal customs service (FTS) not less, than participants of foreign trade activities, the representative of service Vladimir Zubkov confirms. Law processing On customs regulation - the objective reality, after all a part of norms of the law will leave on nadnatsionalnyj level V.Zubkov marks.
we will remind, on July, 1st 2011. Customs control on borders of Russia with Belarus and Kazakhstan has been abolished. From this point on customs bodies of three countries entering into the HARDWARE have stopped fulfilment of all operations and functions on customs control concerning the goods and vehicles.