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The prices in Germany grow more slowly Russian

Consumer prices in Germany (harmonised with the European Union, HCPI) in June 2012., under the definitive data, in annual calculation have grown on 2 %, the Federal statistical service of Germany has informed. Before analytics predicted a rise in prices for 2 %.
In comparison with May 2012. Consumer prices in Germany in June of this year have gone down on 0,2 %, the definitive data has coincided with the preliminary.
consumer prices in an eurozone as informs statistical agency Eurostat, in June 2012. Have grown on 2,4 % in annual calculation.
in Russia in June 2012. Consumer prices have grown on 0,9 %, from the beginning of year - 3,2 %, the Federal Agency of the state statistics of the Russian Federation (Rosstat) informs. Most of all for the accounting period in the Ivanovo area and Republic North Ossetia - Alanija - accordingly the prices increased by 2 % and 1,9 %%. In Moscow the rise in prices has made 1,2 % (from the beginning of year - 4,3 %), in St.-Petersburg - 1,3 % (from the beginning of year - 3,7 %).
it is the most essential for the first summer month fruit-and-vegetable production (13,4 %) that is connected in many respects with receipt on the market of more expensive products of a new crop has risen in price. Among vegetables the prices for onions, belokochannuju cabbage, a potato and carrots were most strongly raised. The gain of the prices for fruit has made 5,1 %, lemons, grapes and pears thus have most of all risen in price.