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The European currency cannot find an occasion to growth

Euro continues to remain under pressure: opening of the auctions in Europe has broken a growing ascending trend on currency. As an occasion to growth the quite good statistics from France and Germany acted, however the debt markets have an effect. By 12:30 Moscow time one euro is estimated in 1,226 US dollars.
France has reduced deficiency
Deficiency of the current account of the balance of payments of France (taking into account seasonal fluctuations) in May 2012. It was reduced to 4,1 mlrd euro. Such data is resulted in the published governmental report. Analysts expected that deficiency of the current account of the balance of payments of France will make 3,5 mlrd euro. In April 2012. Deficiency of the current account of the balance of payments of France, under the reconsidered data, has made 4,4 mlrd euro (earlier it was informed on deficiency in 4,2 mlrd euro). This indicator in May 2012. Has gone down on 0,3 mlrd euro in comparison with the reconsidered data for the last month.
Germans have kept within inflation
Consumer prices to Germany (harmonised with the European Union, HCPI) in June 2012., under the definitive data, in annual calculation have grown on 2 %. Such data was published by Federal statistical service of the country. Analysts expected that the prices will grow on 2 %. In comparison with May 2012. Consumer prices in Germany (harmonised with the European Union) in June of this year have gone down on 0,2 %. This data has coincided with the preliminary.
consumer prices in Germany (CPI) in June 2012. Have grown on 1,7 % in annual calculation, in monthly calculation of the price have gone down on 0,1 % that has coincided with the preliminary data published on June, 27th 2012.
Fading inflation in Germany, gives signal ETSB that the current monetary policy can be softened. For euro as a whole it can mean depreciation in long-term prospect, however the short-term effect can be the return and cause activity splash in purchases. The soft monetary policy will promote stabilisation of the debt markets and stimulation of economic growth in an euro zone as a whole.
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