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New Moscow has asked on development 16 more mlrd rbl.

Additional expenses on development of territories new Moscow will make 16 mlrd rbl. up to the end 2012. On it on a press - conferences in were informed by the assistant to the mayor of capital concerning economic policy Andrey Sharons.
thus incomes of the budget of Moscow of tax bearers of new Moscow territories will make nearby 8,5 mlrd rbl.
Besides, the mayor of capital Sergey Sobjanin has made decision to allocate 9 mlrd rbl. to three areas of Moscow Region which have given to new Moscow a part of the territories, A.Sharonov has noted.
understanding those complexities in which there were areas of Moscow Region which have given a territory part so that there was no big difference in social standards on new borders of Moscow and Moscow Region, the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjanin has made the decision, it is confirmed in the budget project, about allocation 9 mlrd rbl. To three areas which parts became new Moscow within three years. This money will go on social infrastructures and increase of salaries of workers of social sphere - has told zammera.
Meanwhile while there are no the detailed plans, allowing to speak about exact expenses for creation of an infrastructure and governmental klastera new Moscow has noted zammera.
we Will remind, in structure of Moscow since July, 1st 2012. 21 municipal union of area has entered. To existing in present territory of Moscow to intracity 125 municipal districts 19 settlements and 2 city districts (Troitsk and Shcherbinka) were added.