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The authorities of Moscow have promised to walk on purses of automobile owners

Cost of possession and using the privately owned vehicle in Moscow will increase, has informed on a press - conferences in the assistant to the mayor of Moscow concerning economic policy Andrey Sharons.
thus to enter a payment for entrance to city centre on personal motor transport by an example of London the Moscow authorities do not plan. such decision is not present, but understanding that restriction (entrance. - Primech.) Individual transport in city centre, in densely populated, in gustozastroennye areas should dare and should dare an economic way, is. Therefore cost of possession and using the privately owned vehicle will increase - A.Sharonov has explained.
Zammera also has reminded that since July, 1st 2012. In Moscow penalties for a wrong parking, and evacuation and car storage on shtrafstojanke have increased became paid (earlier moving of the car and its storage within the first days were paid from the budget).
we Will notice also that according to new rules, the wrong stop or car parking will be punished by the penalty at a rate of 1 - 3 thousand rbl. depending on character of infringement (earlier - 300 rbl.) . Besides, similar incidents assume detention and car moving on specialised parking. We will add that level of penalties in Moscow and St.-Petersburg considerably exceeds the federal.
round the come into force law a considerable quantity of disputes has inflamed. So, deputies of fraction of LDPR have brought in the State Duma the reference project in the Constitutional court. They ask to check up legality of rules according to which infringements of Traffic regulations are punished more severely if they are made in Moscow and St.-Petersburg.