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In 2012. KSP Moscow will spend 8 checks

Kontrolno - the Audit Chamber of Moscow plans in the second half of the year 2012. To begin carrying out of eight checks, has informed on a press - conferences the head of chamber Victor Dvurechensky.
Among the most important control actions he named joint with KSP St.-Petersburg and Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation audit of efficiency of use of the federal property and water resources in Central and Severo - Western federal districts (where including there are sources of water supply of Moscow).
Also there is begun check of validity of the prices and tariffs for production and service of natural monopolies in sphere of electric power industry and popular communication (in common with Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation). Besides, will be legitimacy and efficiency of use of budgetary funds in sphere capital, operating repair and the maintenance of objects of a road economy will be checked up.
in the first half of the year of this year KSP Moscow has finished six control actions, for which results some criminal cases are raised. Now the chamber continues 19 checks among which V.Dvurechensky has allocated inspections of reforming of state institutions of Moscow, legitimacy and efficiency of use of the budgetary funds directed on support of families with children, children - orphans and children without parental support. Efficiency of use of the means allocated for major repairs and an accomplishment of domestic territories, and also on capital gas supply is checked.
according to V.Dvurechensky, KSP Moscow intend in September 2012. To inspect legitimacy and efficiency to use of budgetary funds in Silver to the Pine forest and on others osoboohranjaemyh natural territories (OOPT). We are close to leaving on this check - he has told, having assured that KSP Moscow will be ready to start control actions at once upon termination of the period of holidays.
according to V.Dvurechensky, KSP plans to spend detailed check in Silver to the Pine forest, and then to extend control activity to others OOPT. He has noticed that KSP already carried out preliminary actions in sphere of check of unapproved trading activity in territory of the Silver Pine forest.
intention of chamber to inspect in Silver to the Pine forest is caused by references of citizens and the ecologists who have expressed concern by character of work on reconstruction of this territory. As the customer of reconstruction works the Department of wildlife management of Moscow acts.
by results 2011. KSP has revealed wrongful and inefficient use of budgetary funds on 49,3 mlrd rbl.