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Agriculture suggest to finance on - new

In Russia it is necessary to create specialised fund of investment crediting of landowners, the head of the Russian grain union (RZS) Arcady Zlochevsky has declared to journalists. As he said, the state should refuse sooner or later subsidising of the rate of the involved credits as this measure is in a so-called yellow basket of the World Trade Organization, that is deforming impact on the market is registered among measures of the state support, making. Moreover, finally in itself subsidising of rates of credits does not reduce the agricultural products cost price but only levels conditions of access of landowners to proceeds of credit.
RZS, in turn, suggests to translate partially the released means for subsidising “ bodies of expenses “ for cost price decrease. The union suggests to direct other means to specially created fund of investment crediting of agriculture in which rates will keep at level of the cost price of the maintenance of this fund.
“ the rate can make 3 - 5 % annual without any grants, and it will help to clear away those blockages which at us were generated on debt loading “ - A.Zlochevsky has told. It has reminded that the general debt loading of agriculture of Russia makes nearby 1,5 trln rbl., of them nearby 400 mlrd rbl. - so-called bad debts which demand re-structuring.
according to A.Zlochevsky, the project of a government program of development of agrarian and industrial complex on 2013 - 2020γγ now is essentially finished., in which offer RZS on financing of landowners in a kind pogektarnyh payments is included.
“ it is a measure from “ a green basket “ The WTO also is spent under the aegis of improvement of fertility of soils and agrolandscape development “ - head RZS has told. According to A.Zlochevsky, such measure will allow not only to keep current level of support, but also to increase it further.
we will remind that on July, 10th 2012γ. The State Duma has approved the bill “ About ratification of the Report on joining of the Russian Federation to the Marrakeshsky agreement on World Trade Organization establishment “. During preparation for ratification it was repeatedly noticed that accession to WTO threatens agriculture of the Russian Federation with serious problems. Level decrease is customs - the tariff protection, provided by the contract on accession to WTO, most seriously can be reflected in the markets of meat, grain, milk and agricultural mechanical engineering. All it, according to pessimists, can entail growth of import and, as consequence, reduction of a domestic production, workplaces, first of all at the enterprises with low technological level and the high cost price of let out production.