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The countries began to postpone in the coin boxes of less euro

the Share of the tools nominated in euro in currency reserves of the states for 2011. It was reduced to 0,4 percentage points and on the end of the year has made 25 %, it is marked in the report of the European central bank published today (ETSB).
ETSB notices that, despite financial crisis in an eurozone, the international role of euro in 2011. Remained rather steady. Demand of the international investors for promissory notes in euro was stable in the first half of the year 2011., but has moderately decreased in the second half of the year. As a whole the data collected ETSB, shows that crisis of sovereign debts could not undermine the international status of euro it is marked in the report.
in the middle of May representatives of the Russian management declared that Russia does not intend to reduce yet an euro share in the gold and exchange currency reserves.
We do not intend to reduce an euro share in our gold and exchange currency reserves not to send incorrect signals about a situation in Europe - the prime minister - the minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has declared.
new report ETSB contains also a number of the special heads which are of interest for understanding of evolution of modern currency system. So, economists ETSB come to a conclusion that the world currency system ceases to be dollarotsentrichnoj faster, than it is possible to assume. The empirical data shows that somewhat international currency - the financial system is already close to becoming three-polar and the third anchor the Chinese yuan becomes currency. According to ETSB, the currency policy of the Peoples Republic of China already now renders considerable, if not defining, influence on the financial policy in the Asian region.