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Belarus has offered the World bank posotrudnichat

Belarus suggests the World bank to discuss questions of preparation of new strategy of cooperation, the prime minister - the minister of republic Michael Myasnikovich has informed during a meeting with the director of department of Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine World bank Chimjao the Fan.
me the question on new strategy of the World bank and Belarus therefore as old has ended in 2011 interests. I think, we could discuss mechanisms, approaches and the basic questions of new strategy taking into account your report (stranovogo the economic memorandum) - M.Myasnikovich has told.
he has noticed that all reforms recommended by the World bank, including structural, are realised in republic taking into account specificity socially - economic market economy of the country. for me as for the head of the government economic growth first of all is important. In the first half of the year 2012. Rate of increase of gross national product has made 102,9 % to high base of last year which has reached almost 111 % - the prime minister - the minister has told.
meanwhile opinions of some experts which stated doubts concerning development of the Belarus economy, M.Myasnikovich named not absolutely objective . As he said, the republic industry shows high growth: so, in the first half of the year rate of increase has made 108,5 %. Rate of increase of agriculture has reached 105,1 %, export - 134,3 %. Quality indicators have improved also: relative density of innovative production has reached 17,4 %.
Real incomes - 103,3 %, and it at decrease in tax loading. Today taxes at us make 98 % to level 2011. - he has noted. Besides, the prime minister - the minister does not agree and with some statements, concerning a rate of unemployment. At us practically on all specialities today deficiency of a manpower, and we take measures that new workplaces still to create, and with high development, high level of the added cost - he has underlined.
we will add, Belarus marks 20 - letie from the moment of occurrence in group of the World bank. For this period VB realised and the Fan continues to be engaged in realisation in republic of 13 projects in power, a forestry, a road infrastructure and other branches on 900 million dollars of Chimjao has noticed that, despite certain launches and falling, all 20 years of cooperation the World bank conducted meaningful dialogue with Belarus. I am glad to that support which we render to Belarus, has allowed to receive the results promoting increase of well-being of inhabitants of Belarus - he has told.