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Mario Monti the Prime minister has dismissed itself the Minister of Finance of Italy

- the minister of Italy Mario Monti has appointed the deputy minister of the finance of Vittorio Grilli the head of financial department, releasing thus itself from this post, transfers Bi - bi - si referring to a press - service of the Italian government. It is necessary to notice that at present M.Monti occupies at once two posts - the Minister of Finance and premieres - the minister.
Besides, the former chairman of Italian government Silvio Berlusconi does not exclude possibility again to stand on a post of premieres - the minister in 2013. The political secretary of party led by his today has informed On it in Twitter freedom People Andzhelino Alfano.
the Politician, which S.Berluskoni before resignation named the successor, has underlined that many people ask eks - the prime minister to return on the post. I hope that he has decided to present the nominee on re-election - has written A.Alfano.
we Will notice that following parliamentary elections will pass in Italy in the spring 2013. Head of an operating technical office M.Monti was obliged not to accept in them participation.
we will remind, S.Berluskoni headed the Italian government in 1994 - 1995., 2001 - 2006. And 2008 - 2011. Despite the resignation made it earlier from a big-times politics, and also on some loud scandals and judicial claims against it, analysts assume that in case of promotion of the nominee at eks - the premiere is good chances to head the cabinet in the fourth time.