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eks - the officer of a state security is killed after a meeting with the president

the President of Yugoslavia by Voislav Koshtunitsa has interrupted the holiday and has acted with an official statement on national television concerning murder of the former officer of state security SRJU, and subsequently businessman Momira Gavrilovicha.
earlier Yugoslavian press has informed that Gavrilovich has been killed after some hours after its conversation with Koshtunitsej about the corruption facts in the higher echelons of power of the country.
in the performance on television Voislav Koshtunitsa has admitted the conversation fact on this theme of Momira Gavrilovicha from it (Koshtunitsy - the note) assistants, however has not opened conversation details.
the president of Yugoslavia has accused the press of a pursuit of sensation, and police - in inability to “ proper response “ on murder of the officer. And vitse - the prime minister of the government of Serbia Hot Korach has urged to make detailed investigation of circumstances of  destruction of Momira Gavrilovicha. By words vitse - the premiere, the messages of the press not buttressed up by facts harm to the young, democratic country leaders.
from its part, the Office of Public Prosecutor of Belgrad has demanded from Presidential Administration of Yugoslavia urgently to give all details of conversation with Momirom Gavrilovichem.