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Demonstrators tried to break in the American embassy

In capital of Macedonia Skopje some hundreds demonstrators have made an attempt to break on territory of the American embassy.
the participants of the action of the protest dissatisfied with a line of the West and, first of all, the USA in Macedonian crisis, threw embassy and police stones. Law enforcement bodies managed to take a situation under the control, and not to admit break on diplomatic representative office territory.
today concerning events in Macedonia where operations proceed, representatives of a management of the North Atlantic alliance have acted. In the NATO say that the main condition for placing in this country of a peace-making contingent is not satisfied.
According to the plan which has been developed in a staff of incorporated land forces of the NATO in Europe, in 48 hours after signing of arrangements on cease-fire and under condition of observance of this agreement block council gives to the commander-in-chief NATO armies in Europe, to the American general Dzh. Ralstonu instructions to start input of special army connections by number to 3,5 thousand persons from Kosovo to Macedonia. Further, within a week, the disposition of staffs and divisions should be developed, and procedure of withdrawal of the weapon at the population is developed. The period of delivery of the weapon should last 30 days, then NATO armies should come back to territory of Kosovo to make destruction of the withdrawn weapon and ammunition. However when it will occur and whether will occur in general while it is not known.
According to the representative of the North Atlantic alliance, the question on input of a military contingent of the NATO to Macedonia can be solved only after stable cease-fire and a guarantee of a non-admission of violence.