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Mathematicians have solved a problem, muchivshuju mankind of 2200

the Indian mathematicians and experts in the field of computer maintenance declare that have solved a problem, which it was not given to researchers during more than 2 thousand 200 years. Despite so solid age, the problem of fast definition of simple numbers (what share only on unit and on itself) is the major in improvement of modern computer technics.
simple numbers is a key to the permission of many mathematical problems, they also play large role in cryptography (enciphering) thanks to what interest not only mathematicians, but also military men, investigation and counterspionage. Three mathematicians of the Indian institute of the technology located in the city of Kanpur, declared the day before that have developed a method allowing unmistakably and quickly to define, whether this or that number is simple.
Simple number - what shares without the rest only on unit and on itself. So, simple numbers concern 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13 and so on. To the first the problem of definition of simple numbers was put by Ancient Greek scientist Eratosfen approximately in 220 year B.C., having offered one of ways of definition of simple numbers. Since then scientists gradually moved ahead, and last decades it to the aid in check of divisibility of huge numbers computers have come. Mathematicians, and later and experts in computer programming have developed many ways of the decision of this problem, however all of them bear small potential possibility of an error.
our algorithm excludes probability of any error - the basic developer of a new method of Manindra Agraval has declared in interview AP. It and two its assistants have developed algorithm which should be officially published today on the Internet. Besides, results of calculations are already dispatched leading computer experts and mathematicians all over the world. we have received some responses. Nobody states doubts in new algorithm, and all express satisfaction the reached result - tells Manindra Agraval.