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Speculative purchases of oil have reached record level

Quantity of the open long positions kept by speculators in the future market, has reached a maximum level for 4. About it it is told in the report of the Commission on urgent exchange trade of the USA.
as of August, 5th the quantity of speculative purchases of oil has essentially grown and has reached a maximum since October 1999., experts mark. The total of the long positions presented in the market, more than six times exceeds real obemfizicheskoj oil extractings in the world. Prevalence in the market of long positions is the influential technical factor having to preservation of the high prices for oil, analysts mark.
on Nju - Jorksky commodity exchange (NYMEX) in the noncommercial sector presented by speculators and investment funds which mainly define the market game, open pure positions as of August, 5th have been presented (indicators to thousand; In brackets change for a week on July, 30th - on August, 5th): - long - 132,720 (+32,663); - short - 72,695 (+7,744).
In commercial sector of the oil market, at hedzherov, the situation in the beginning of week was characterised by preservation otnositelnogoravnovesija, however in a quantitative sense short positions a little prevailed. As of August, 5th kontraktnyepozitsii, opened hedzherami, have been presented (indicators to thousand; in brackets change for a week on July, 30th - on August, 5th): - long - 317,092 (+0,092); - short - 363,936 (+25,990).
we Will remind that the official price of oil Light Sweet on NYMEX as of August, 5th has reached 32,22 (+0,38) dollars/ barr., and kokonchaniju the last week made 32,18 dollars/ barr.
Dynamics of the physical market of oil Asian - Pacific region was characterised today by price fall. Vsootvetstvii with calculations T of commodity exchange (OCOM), the prices spot on crude oil have on the average gone down on August, 11th on 1,0 %. The average price for the basic trade marks of the oil, expressed through index TAPIX (TOCOM Asian Petroleum Index), was established in the first trading day of week on an official mark 28,66 (- 0,29) dollars/ barr.