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The panic in the market will be stopped by state intervention

Support of the Russian stock market from the state would help to stop a panic and to stabilise a situation. Such opinion was stated to journalists by the first deputy of the chairman of committee of the State Duma on the credit organisations and the financial markets Pavel Medvedev.
investors yet have not taken money from the market. State intervention will promote its improvement - the deputy believes.
making comments on a current situation in stock market, P.Medvedev has noticed that besides naive participants of the market which have given in to a panic and began to deduce money, for a situation banks influence also. banks face a dilemma - whether to fix it losses since, according to specifications, they cannot lose more than certain percent of actives, or to wait still while the situation will not change - P.Medvedev has explained.
In its opinion, state intervention can be applied exclusively as an emergency measure. it is bad, when the state deforms the intervention market prices, but it seems to me that they are already deformed by a panic - P.Medvedev has noted.
as a measure which the state can accept in such situation, he named the repayment of actions of the state companies traded in the market. it is possible to buy in addition actions of the companies - let 2 more %, but for the market it will be a positive signal - the deputy has told.