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The financial system of the USA shows strong signals of restoration

the Minister of Finance of the USA to Timoti Gejtner has declared that from - for improvements of economic and financial conditions in some measures which were accepted by the government of the USA, there is no necessity more, transfers Associated Press.
it has made the given statement during performance in front of the Control panel of the congress of the USA which duties include supervision of efficiency of an expenditure of means under the federal program of the anti-recessionary help.
according to T.Gejtnera, the country should make more many until there will be an original improvement of economy however the improved situation with position of banks and other financial institutions has already led to that the government starts to turn off on the sly programs of financial support . the Financial system shows very strong signals of restoration - he has underlined.
we Will remind, the anti-recessionary plan, offered B.Obama`s Presidential Administration and supported by the senate and the congress of the USA, provides allocation 787 mlrd dollars on granting of the financial help of the American industry.
B.Obama`s administration considers the new economic program as a key step on a way to restoration of economy of the USA which already more than one and a half years stay in recession, enduring the serious crisis since Great depression. In 2008. The economy of the USA has lost 2,6 million workplaces. B.Obama hopes that its economic program will allow to create to 4 million new workplaces. Besides, the plan of the White house assumes increase in unemployment benefits, reconstruction of a transport infrastructure, the investment into new technologies, including into alternative power.