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The rouble continues to become stronger to dollar and the euro

the Russian rouble has continued to become stronger today in relation to dollar and euro. Rouble growth on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange is observed already the sixth trading session successively. After half an hour after the beginning of the auctions in the currency market of the Russian Federation the dollar has fallen in price to a mark 30,675 rbl./ dollars It for 21 copeck below an official rate for today.
the uniform European currency gives in also. As of 10:30 Moscow time the average rate of euro calculations today has made 44,8977 rbl./ euro. Thus the minimum transaction on euro makes 44,855 rbl./ euro that almost for 17 copecks below an official rate of Bank of Russia.
participants of the market are adjusted on the further gradual growth of rouble. Influence factors remain former: favorable succession of events in the market of oil and actions. Only internal demand for foreign currency does not allow to rouble to grow strongly. The day before the currency of the Russian Federation has risen to monthly peak to bivaljutnoj to a basket and to the highest from the end of July of level to dollar.
so, quotations bivaljutnoj baskets ($0,55 and 0,45 euros) during the auctions the day before fell below a mark 37,12 rbl. - the lowest value since August, 4th, and a dollar exchange rate from the end of July has fallen for the first time below a mark 31 rbl., having finished the auctions by calculations today at level 30,87 rbl./ dollars
In the Asian currency markets dollar today has continued to decrease in relation to leading currencies. The dollar exchange rate to Japanese yen has fallen during the auctions to 91 yens/ dollars Last time dollar updated this minimum in February of this year
the American currency also has fallen in price and in relation to euro: at the moment in Asia for one euro give an order 1,462 dollars Thus Dollar Index, reflecting course changes of the American dollar concerning a basket of six leading world currencies, has decreased to 76,58 points. Last time an index fell to so low mark on September, 25th 2008.