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Discount rate in the Russian Federation will is lowered till the end of the year

the Central bank (Central Bank) of the Russian Federation can in 2009. To lower the rate of refinancing and other basic interest rates on 1 percentage point, the first deputy of the chairman of Bank of Russia Alexey Uljukaev has informed in interview Reuters. There is a theoretical possibility to lower the rate on 1 percentage point till the end of the year - he has noted.
Besides, A.Uljukaev has informed that inflation in the Russian Federation in September will be about zero . Following the results of a year we will keep within 11,6 %, with a stock - he has told. Thus in 2010. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation expects inflation at level 9 - 10 %.
Thus the first vice-president of Bank of Russia has added that the Central Bank is not going to change yet structure bivaljutnoj baskets ($0,55 and 0,45 euros). the Structure bivaljutnoj us suits baskets, we are not going to change it - has underlined A.Uljukaev.
At present the rate of refinancing of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation makes 10,75 % annual, during 2009. It has been lowered five times from 13 % annual. Last decrease has been spent in the beginning of August of this year, the rate has been lowered on 0,25 % annual.
the Central Bank had a possibility to reduce the rate of refinancing from - for delays of growth of inflation. Time and again heads of Bank of Russia declared possibility of the further decrease in the rate of refinancing in the event that rates of increase of the prices will be slowed down or their decrease will be observed. Sergey Ignatyev literally couple of days ago has once again noticed that the Central Bank will continue to reduce in the near future the refinancing rate. most likely, in the near future it will continue the decrease - the head of Bank of Russia has underlined.