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The power the Prime minister will not admit excessive strengthening of rouble

- minister Vladimir Putin puts a problem not to admit strengthening of national currency by such rates as it was in previous years. The chairman of the government of the Russian Federation has made such statement during a meeting with members of the international debatable club Valdai .
As he said, the main tasks in strategic development of Russia the economy diversification, labour productivity increase, " are; investments in the person .
V.Putin has noticed that world financial crisis has not brought basic changes in these plans, and opposite, it pays priority attention. The prime minister has noticed that the Russian government did not manage to constrain expenses, effectively to struggle with excessive inflow of foreign investments, therefore by the crisis period Russia has appeared without long money and with the big inflation.
In current plans of the Russian government - a problem of restoration of macroeconomic indicators, decrease in rates of inflation, a non-admission of strengthening of national currency in rates of last years. Being based on these problems, it is necessary to aspire to occurrence long money in economy and work, in particular on internal resources, V.Putin has underlined.
we will remind that today the Russian rouble has continued to become stronger in relation to dollar and euro. Rouble growth on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange is observed already the sixth trading session successively. The minimum transaction on dollar calculations today makes today 30,6275 rbl./ dollars an Official rate established by Bank of Russia for the weekend, has decreased for 16 copecks - to 30,7246 rbl./ the dollars
Give in also uniform European currency. As of 14:30 Moscow time the average rate of euro calculations today has made 44,8702 rbl./ euro. An euro official rate for the weekend - 44,8886 rbl./ euro. It for 13 copecks below the previous official rate.