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D.Kozak: the Financial help to the North Caucasus will be reduced

the Financial help to republics of the North Caucasus in connection with crisis will be reduced, thus expenses on the maintenance in these republics of public authorities should be reduced. Such statement was made by the vice-president of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak, the radio station " transfers; Echo Moscow .
It has explained that North Caucasian republics were most dotatsionnymi. Now priorities will be a bit differents. we are compelled to render the financial help from the federal budget to other regions to which earlier such help did not render - has noted D.Kozak.
Vitse - the prime minister also has underlined that heads of North Caucasian republics do not spend any work on reduction of budgetary expenses, first of all on reduction of expenses on the maintenance of public authorities.
As shows monitoring, in all territory of Russia expenses either were stabilised, or reduced to financing of public authorities. While in southern federal district, first of all in North Caucasian republics, these expenses grow. It is inadmissible - has specified D.Kozak. He has informed that within a month concrete measures in this direction will be taken, and the report on these measures should be presented the government of the Russian Federation.
we will notice that in 2010. For support to regions it will be allocated more than 1 trln rbl. By estimations of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, from the governmental decisions on indexation of rates of excises on alcohol, beer, oil products and state duties subjects of the Russian Federation can receive in addition nearby 99 mlrd rbl.
Thus from the authorities of regions expect effective work and, first of all, on expansion of own profitable base. As the prime minister has noticed - minister Vladimir Putin, in the circumstances it is possible to do external loans, it can be justified, but it is necessary to incur debts accurately .