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The IMF allocates one more credit of Greece for the sum 2,5 mlrd euro

the International currency fund (IMF) has approved allocation of Greece having debt problem of the second credit tranche at a rate of 2,5 mlrd euro.
the others 6,5 mlrd the euro of Greece will pay the European Union after allocation of these means will be approved by experts of Eurocommission (EK) and the European central bank (ETSB), transfers Associated Press.
earlier it became known that a budgeted deficit of the government of Greece (without expenses of municipal authorities and services of maintenance of public safety) for January - August 2010. Has made 14,49 mlrd euro that less than the similar indicator fixed following the results of January - August 2009. On a mark 21,38 mlrd euro. The preliminary data presented by the Greek Ministry of Finance testifies to it.
however similar rate of reduction of budgetary deficiency (from January till August of this year It was reduced to 32 %) will not allow to reach the purposes put by the Greek government: Athenes intends to reduce a country budgeted deficit to 39,5 % following the results of 2010.
we Will remind that in May of this year Greece has agreed with the European Union and IMF about granting to it the financial help on 110 mlrd euro in the form of the three-year program of crediting under preferential rates - is considerable below the market. It has literally extended Greece from debt precipices . The first credit tranche within the limits of the program of the international financial help has been received by Greece in May for the sum 20 mlrd euro.
instead of Athena are obliged to spend the radical program of reduction of budgetary deficiency, which following the results of 2009. Has reached other-wordly 13,6 % from country gross national product. Greek measures of strict economy include increase of taxes and excises, freezing of salaries by the state employee, reduction the thirteenth salaries, etc.
These measures have caused fierce resistance from the country population. However, judging by figures from the Greek government, the program strict economy bears fruit: in I half-year 2010. Budgetary deficiency of the government managed to be reduced to 45 % in annual calculation.