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The governor of the Samara region counts on AUTOVAZ profit

the Governor of the Samara region Vladimir Artjakov at a meeting with premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in Is new - Ogarevo that Open Society AUTOVAZ plans to sell 580 thousand cars in 2010. According to the head of region, in 2009. The enterprise managed to realise only 320 thousand cars.
today we even can say that AUTOVAZ by the end 2010. Leaves with profit - V.Artjakov has told. The governor also has added that to the beginning 2012. The factory can begin work with a new line of production.
V.Artjakov has underlined that normalisation of a condition of AUTOVAZ positively influences region economy as a whole. As he said, about 320 enterprises outside of Tolyatti it is involved in manufacture of those or other products for AUTOVAZ.
the Governor has noticed that after state support rendering to automobile factory and start of the program of recycling of old cars in the Samara region growth in variety of branches, including in petrochemistry and oboronno - an industrial complex has been noted. in 2009. We had an economy falling on 30 % and if to compare to last year on some branches growth to 50 % " is expected; - V.Artjakov has concluded.
the day before AUTOVAZ, Renault and Nissan have signed the agreement, according to which since March 2012. The Russian motorcar giant will begin introduction of models of cars on platform 0 - Logan. Will let out cars on the modernised first line of the conveyor capacity of 360 thousand cars in a year. Prototype Lada on a new platform has been presented several weeks ago on the Moscow international motor show (MMAS - 2010).
Open Society AUTOVAZ (Tolyatti) it is registered on January, 5th 1993. The autoconcern lets out cars of families Lada Priora, Kalina, Samara, and also to the classic . Now shares between the basic shareholders of AUTOVAZ are distributed as follows: GK Rostehnologii - 25 %, IK the Three Dialogue - 25 % and Renault - 25 %.