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HP the American manufacturer of computer technics Hewlett will offer the tenth part of employees

- Packard (HP) declared that the total of its employees who are subject to reduction, will make 29 thousand persons. This value on 2 thousand persons more than has been declared earlier, informs France 24.
the reduction Program is calculated till the end of 2014. It is expected that the basic part of the employees who have left HP, those who will agree to leave on the terms of additional payments, and also on the terms of an early retirement will make. Making comments on a situation with dismissals, general director HP of Meg Uitman has specified that till the end of October will be dismissed about 11,5 thousand employees.
in company management, speaking about circumstances of so mass and painful reduction of the personnel, declare necessity of the maximum reduction of costs and reduction of assortment of production in conformity to the demand shown by consumers.
Throughout last years demand in the market of hi-tech production is formed basically at the expense of mobile devices while activity HP basically remained in a segment of traditional personal computers.
it is necessary to notice that worldwide on Hewlett - Packard work an order of 300 thousand persons.
we will remind, dead loss HP in III quarter 2012 fiscal years which has ended on July, 31st 2012., has made 8,86 mlrd dollars against net profit in 1,93 mlrd dollars following the results of the similar period year before.
Hewlett - Packard - large American IT - the company, one of leaders in the world market of decisions in the field of computer technologies. The corporation is engaged in manufacture of personal computers, printers, scanners, calculators, elektronno - the medical and measuring equipment.