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V.Putin: we Hope to remove all questions EK to Gazprom in the near future

the President of the Russian Federation V.Putin counts that contradictions between the European commission and Gazprom will be settled in the near future. He has informed on it to journalists on a press - conferences with the president of Serbia Tomislavom Nikolichem.
We would like, that all questions which remained to not clear our partners in the European commission, were as soon as possible explained, that could work together. I hope, and will be - he has told. V.Putin has added that is necessary to make everything that there were no problems with foreign partners at realisation of large-scale projects.
we will remind, on September, 4th 2012. The Eurocommission has opened antimonopoly investigation concerning Open Society Gazprom . The gas concern is suspected of infringement of item 102 of the Contract on European Union functioning.
Given article fixes responsibility for abusings from the companies which occupy a leading position in the market and can interfere with free trade between EU states.
in - the first, the European Union authorities suspect the Russian company of preventing to development of the uniform gas market in EU member states, in - the second, Gazprom suspect that the actions it could disturb to the politician of a diversification in gas deliveries in EU, and, in - the third, the gas concern is accused of overestimate of the prices for blue fuel. Similar actions from Gazprom as the Eurocommission suspects, can limit a competition and pose threat of stability of gas deliveries.