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China already almost in the WTO

US president Bill Clinton has signed the bill which conducts to normalisation of trade relations of the United States with China. The congress of the USA has approved the act in May, the Senate has made the same on September, 19th current year. it is great day for the United States and day of hope for the whole world of 21 centuries - the American president before ceremony of signing of the document in the White House has told. This law is a product American - the Chinese agreement reached in the autumn of last year according to which, as the basic condition of occurrence of China in the WTO, it should open the markets and reduce custom duties. After occurrence in the WTO taxes to the goods of the American manufacture will decrease in China by 2005 from 25 % to 9 %. The law giving to China favorable conditions for trade from the USA, also will allow States to enter the Chinese market from potentials more than in billion buyers. Without shelving business, president Clinton declared the decision to send to Beijing the high-ranking sales representative with the urgent task to accelerate filing of application China about the introduction into the World Trade Organization. Sales representative White Doma Sharlen Barshefski hopes to hold a meeting with premieres - the minister of China Chzhu Zhuntszi on whom they will discuss obstacles to the introduction of China into the WTO.